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"How To Create Your Own Online
 6-7 Figure Coaching Business, 
By Helping Other People"
Get Paid For Helping People With Something 
You Have Already Accomplished
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Ken Dunn

Founder, Authority Factory
Here is what you will learn on our live workshop:
  •  How to use market research to figure out exactly what people are willing to buy.  We guarantee you that someone is already selling what you want to.  Let's tap into what they have already done;
  • How to map out the exact journey that you will take your new clients on and make they more and more excited as they go through your info;
  •  How to get started immediately after the presentation :) 
  •  How to use our proprietary "first steps" system to determine what is the easiest first product to sell;
  •  How to our traffic hacks formula to figure out where you should be promoting your new business;
  •  How to take your content and turn it into a self-help book without writing for more than 10 minutes.  Basically getting other people to do the heavy lifting for you.
  •  Exactly how to build an online course in less than 7 days and turn that course into a 7 figure automated income stream.
  • How to get your first clients to buy your program, before you even create it.  It's called the "Beta-Booster" and we use it to figure out if an idea will work, before we waste time with video creation and other crap.
  •  How to get the perfect clients to buy your automated course and then raise their hand to pay you even more for small group coaching.
  •  How to create a high-ticket offer that sells itself. 
  •  How to systemize the entire process so you don't have to become a slave to you business.
  •  The most up to date methods that are working today using this method. 
  •  Plus, you'll see the system that I use to get someone else to do all of the work, while I collect all of the profits.
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